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October 2014
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  • ForAll/UFRN Acquires New Software License for Prezi

    Publicado em September 15th, 2014Uncategorized

    The ForAll/UFRN aquired a Prezi 1-yr license.

  • INES at SPLASH 2014

    Publicado em September 14th, 2014Uncategorized

    The short paper “Enhancing Conformance Checking for Contract-Based Programs” by Alysson Milanez, Tiago Massoni and Rohit Gheyi has been accepted for publication at the 2014 SPLASH CONFERENCE. The event will be held in Oct 20th - 24th, 2014 at Portland, OR, US. This activity is part of the project “Program Refactoring for Migrating between Data Structures”.

  • ForAll UFRN Acquires iMac

    Publicado em September 11th, 2014Uncategorized

    The Formal Methods and Languages Laboratory, research laboratory at UFRN associated to INES, acquired an iMac.

  • INES member to collaborate with SONY CSL Paris

    Publicado em September 8th, 2014Uncategorized
    Giordano Cabral, technical leader of the INES project New Application for Audio Monitoring, is invited to visit SONY Computer Science Lab in Paris ( to discuss a technical collaboration in the domain of audio and music information retrieval. SONY CSL is one of the world leaders in the field, has already developed cutting edge technology for automatic extraction of audio descriptors, such as the EDS project (
    The visit aims to extend the collaboration of the brazilian community and SONY’s director, François Pachet. The expertise and partnership of SONY researchers is essential to the fulfillment of the project goals.
  • INES at ICFEM 2014

    Publicado em September 5th, 2014Uncategorized
    Gustavo Carvalho, researcher at INES, will attend the 16TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON FORMAL ENGINEERING METHODS (ICFEM 2014) to present the paper entitled: “A Formal Model for Natural-Language Timed Requirements of Reactive Systems”. The conference will be held in Luxembourg, Luxembourg from 3rd November to 7th November 2014.
    This activity is part of the project “Reliability and Safety in Critical Software”. More details about the publication: CARVALHO, G.; CARVALHO, A.; ROCHA, E.; SAMPAIO, A.; CAVALCANTI, A.. A Formal Model for Natural-Language Timed Requirements of Reactive Systems. In: International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods, 2014, Luxembourg.
  • INES at SMC 2014

    Publicado em August 30th, 2014Uncategorized
    Prof. George Cabral, researcher at INES, will attend the IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SYSTEMS, MAN, AND CYBERNETICS to present the paper entitled “One-class Classification for Heart Disease Diagnosis”. The research analyzed the application of One-class Classification techniques to model and isolate the class of healthy patients aiming todetect unknown cases. The conference will be held on 5-8 October 2014, in San Diego CA, USA.
  • INES at ICSEA 2014

    Publicado em August 27th, 2014Publications

    Prof. Teresa Maciel, researcher at INES, will participate of the “The Ninth International Conference on Software Engineering Advances - ICSEA 2014″ (October, in Nice, France) to present the paper entitled “A Guideline for Supporting Agile Process Assessments” .

  • INES - UFBA researcher at CBSoft 2014

    Publicado em August 22nd, 2014Publications

    Claudio Sant’Anna, member of the Concern-Driven Measurement of Software Modularity project, will attend CBSoft 2014 in Maceió. Together with other researchers from UFBA he had the following paper accepted at the II Brazilian Workshop on Software Visualization, Evolution and Maintenance (VEM 2014):

    Title: How developers deal with Code Smells: the case of the SourceMiner Evolution team.
    Authors: Alcemir Santos, Mário Farias, Eduardo Almeida, Manoel Mendonça and Claudio Sant’Anna.

  • IndoLoR - Indoor Location Radar

    Publicado em August 18th, 2014Projects

    The advent of mobile technologies and the new technological trend of connecting objects to the global computer network, also known as Internet of things, are making ubiquitous computing a reality in many corporate and residential environments. This new scenario is creating new opportunities for applications, in particular for smart environments. An application area that can take advantage of the technological capabilities provided by smart environments are the RTLS - real time location systems. Classic examples are the problem of indoor and outdoor location. Intrinsically, people are already familiar with outdoor applications that usually use location based on GPS (global positioning system) to provide LBS (Location-based services). This application is especially common in cars and on mobile devices. However, the indoor location adds new challenges, depending on a pre-existing infrastructure in the environment and a better location accuracy. In general, contextual information (checking at specific points) and the level of the received communication signal (RSSI - Received Signal Strength Indicated) are analyzed for the location of the target object, which might be a person or an object. Wireless technologies such as WiFi, RFID, Zigbee and Bluetooth are the most frequently used for indoor tracking.

    This project aims to develop, integrate and evaluate solutions of hardware, software and networks for automation of enterprise environments that enable the development of applications with high added value of indoor location. The solution called IndoLoR (Indoor Location Radar), integrates several emerging areas such as Internet of Things, Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing, Cloud Computing, Smart Sensors Network and Context Sensitivity.

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  • ForAll UFRN Acquires a MacBook Pro

    Publicado em August 18th, 2014Uncategorized

    The Formal Methods and Languages Laboratory, research laboratory at UFRN associated to INES, acquired a MacBook Pro.