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August 2009
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  • INES imports 35.000 dollars generating savings of 40%

    Publicado em August 5th, 2009Uncategorized

    In the first block of imports, INES expended approximately USD 35,000 in equipment and accessories, including 02 servers, 16 laptops and 05 last generation desktops. The purchase generated savings of around 40%, or approximately USD23,000.

    This shows the INES effort to use the resources as rationally as possible.

  • INES at the SBES 09

    Publicado em August 5th, 2009Publications, Uncategorized

    The paper “Mining Software Change History in an Industrial Environment“,  Methanias Colaço JR.; Manoel Mendonça and Francisco Rodrigues was accepted in the main research track of the  XXIII Brazilian Symposium on Software Engineering, to be held in October, in Fortaleza.

    The paper presents results related to one of the subgoals of the INES project “Models, Techniques and Tools for Software Evolution”, coordinated by UFBA.

  • INES will be presenting on the CRIWG 2009

    Publicado em August 5th, 2009Publications

    The paper entitled “Social Knowledge Management in Practice: A Case Study” was accepted to be presented on the 15th Collaboration Researchers’ International Workshop on Groupware (CRIWG 2009). This paper is a result from project “Social Networks as a Knowledge Management Tool for Software Development”.

    This papers presents a proposal for useing social networks as knowledge management tool for companies. This proposal includes the usage of asocial network environment with its related knowledge management proces. Besides the process, a set of metrics is also proposed. Finally the paper reports more than three years of experiences from an Innovation Institute in Brazil using the proposed process, including a comparison of this initiative with the previous knowledge management initiative.

    The paper publication record is: Costa, R. A. et al., 2009. Social Knowledge Management in Practice: A Case Study. In Proceedings of the 15th Collaboration Researchers’ International Workshop on Groupware.  Peso da Régua, Portugal: LNCS.